Bee Glass Mug & Soap Box

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Containing a bar of English Soap Company English Lavender soap and a glass mug, embossed with bees, this gift box will make a lovely bee-themed gift.  Presented in a box with a natural cardboard outer and a glossy red interior, with shredded paper for protection.  The box has a self-adhesive closure to allow it to be safely sent in the post.  We can add a gift message if required - please include wording for this in the box at check-out.

Soap Bar - English Lavender soap bar made with moisturising shea butter, with an aromatic perfume with calming notes of lavender and rosemary, with a fresh character from a touch of mint.  A blend of hay, dried lavender flowers and vanilla creates the base together with cedar and musk.  This moisturising soap bar is enriched with shea butter soap and made with pure vegetable oils using traditional triple-milled methods, for a rich and sumptuous lather. The paper wrap is printed with a beautiful vintage inspired illustration. 

Glass Mug:  From La Rochère, this heavyweight mug has been made in the oldest art glassworks factory in France, which has been producing beautiful glassware since 1475, they will make a lovely addition to any table.  Size:  Approx 8cm diameter x 12cm height.  Capacity:  27cl / 270ml.  Material:  Machine pressed glass.  Care:  Dishwasher safe