28cm 4 Litre Cast Aluminium Shallow Casserole Dish

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This cast aluminium casserole dish is designed to conduct heat quickly and distribute it evenly, which results in faster cooking times!  It features a stainless steel base, so you can use it on any hob, including induction and it is oven safe, which makes it great for starting off your dish on the hob and then slow cooking it in the oven.  The cool, speckled grey inner coating is non-stick, so you can cook your favourite dishes using less oil and the lid is self-basting, meaning your dishes will remain moist.  Once your dish is cooked, this smart black pan is ideal to take straight to your table for serving. 

What some would say is the biggest bonus of this dish is that, unlike some of the other well known makes, it is very lightweight, making it easier to handle into and out of the oven.

Size:  4 litres

Material:  Cast aluminium