From the fluffy and cute world of Jellycat, here are some of our favourites that you can find in store...


Amuseable Brussel Sprout - £19

Everyone's Christmas Dinner favourite this lively little veg will brighten up your festive table.  

Amuseable Holly - £17

Nothing says Christmas like these adorable bubbly berries 

Amuseable Star - £13.50

This little star with his golden disco boots in ready to put the jingle in mingle.

Amuseable Slice of Christmas Cake - £20

One slice or two? This jolly little chap will help you keep control of the calories and bring a smile to your plate.


Amuseable Christmas Tree - £20

These merry little trees will brighten up your room with their festive fir.




Maddy Snowman - £23

Little Maddy will warm your heart on a winter's day with his waving arms and his big smile.


Amuseable Yule Log  - £20

Nothing says Christmas more than a smiling Yule Log.


Jolly Santa - £40

This medium sized Jolly Santa with his fluffy beard and holly green trousers is eagerly awaiting Christmas Eve...

Joy Reindeer - £28

From our Jellycat Christmas range Joy is adorable and waits patiently to see if Santa needs her to help with his sleigh.

Leffy Elf - £17.50

With rosy cheeks from the chill of the North Pole Leffy is longing for a shelf of his own.

Amuseable Poinsettia - £45

Suitable for everyone, even those without green fingers, this festive foliage is sure to flourish in your home. 

Amuseable Cracker - £20

This festive cracker will liven up any Christmas table.

Festive Folly Characters From - £10

This little festive range will bright up your Christmas they may be mini but they will make a big impact.

Amuseable Mince Pie - £17

This happy little pastry with his two-tone filling with a star on top is guaranteed to bring a smile to any plate.

Hibernating Penguin - £16

SShhh this little penguin has got over excited with the thought of the big day and needed to take a little nap.

Amuseable Snowball - £10

This little ball of flurry will melt your heart complete with velour boots to keep his feet warm.

Jolly Gingerbread Fred - £16

This smart little cookie is all ready for the big day with his red bow tie and best buttons.

Amuseable Snowflake - £16

A festive flake looking for a place to settle.

Sugar Plum Fairy Mouse - £26

This dainty Sugar Plum Fairy Mouse will delight with her red berry tutu and holly headpiece.

Shimmer Stocking Bunny - £24

Ready to sleep in sparkly jimjams Shimmer Stocking Bunny is ready to snuggle down.

Merry Mouse - £24

Putting the merry in mouse with his Santa mouse he is just counting down the days.

Ronnie Rockhopper Penguin - £20

This quirky bird is a legend with his quirky hair this will waddly wonder he is one funky penguin.