Gefu Digital Radio Roast Thermometer & Timer

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This innovative digital thermometer and timer from Gefu will keep you updated on the status of your cooking.  Simply put the probe into the meat joint in the oven, set the correct meat, cooking time, etc on the hand-held device and then the device will keep you informed of progress.  
This device
  • measures temperature during food preparation
  • has a measuring range from 0° C to 250° C / 32° F to 482° F
  • has a timer up to 99 min 59 sec.
  • will sound an alarm when a certain temperature is reached (temperature can be set)
  • has a 180mm stainless steel probe with a 1m heat resistant cable
  • has a radio range between the sender and the receiver of 20m
  • has a temperature display which can be set to °C and °F
  • can be used for all meats (beef, pork, lamb, chicken, etc)
  • allows you to choose how you wish the meat to be cooked (rare, medium, well done)
  • has a battery included
  • measures L 9.5cm, W 7.1cm, H 13.3cm

Gefu product number 21850